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Uses Of The Blockchain In Different Business Sectors

They can be made without an intermediary and in a secure manner, trusting its data in a distributed network that does not reveal any confidential information about the parties and nature of the transaction. This would serve, for example, to make payments, purchases and different types of transactions safely. You can contact blockchain companies that specialize in blockchain development.

In this way, there are several cases where Blockchain is already being used or will be used:

1. Cloud storage distributed

Cloud storage services such as Tencent, Dropbox or Google Drive are centralized, and by using them, you are trusting the provider to "respond" to the data you store in the cloud.

Imagine that this service is provided in a distributed way using a network based on Blockchain to increase security and make the service less dependent, its users can also rent the space they do not use to others as Airbnb does with accommodations.

2. Payments, transfers and international remittances

That is to say, an international system based on blockchain for instant transactions of payments, savings, transfer and international remittances, lowering costs.

3. Identity management

The blockchain technology allows users to create their own identity digitally. This ID based on blockchain will soon replace usernames and passwords online. You can use your blockchain identity to access applications and websites, sign digital documents, etc.

4. Patents/Property Registry


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